Virtual Art Walk

Min: $0 Max: $200

Welcome to our latest Virtual Art Walk! This month, we're featuring the lovely leather work of talented PBG employee Jasmine Gil! Each item is handmade and available online for shipping or pick up, as well on display in store. Follow her on Instagram @leatherandeye and check out her website for more beautiful designs and products!

When Jasmine was 13 years old, she discovered leather-working inside a bag of colorful scraps and a handmade leather vest stitched by her uncle in Mexico, and was in complete awe. She asked her mom to teach her how to make something with the 30-year-old leather pieces brought over from her home in Guadalajara, and from it they crafted a school bag that she carried around for years. She never stopped leather-working, and it has grown and changed over the years.

As a first-generation American, leather-working provides a connection to her Mexican heritage. Her instinct growing up was to hide her differences, but as she got older, she found inspiration in the vibrant and proud colors of traditional Mexican art that were never afraid to stand out. Please enjoy browsing her beautiful handmade crafts!