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These Creatures Holiday Ornaments

These Creatures Holiday Ornaments


Always at the forefront of evolutionary exploration, These Creatures™ would like to introduce to you our most recent discoveries: From the briny deep comes the Mer-Dog and the Mer-Cat. Ancient lore tells of a half whale, half house cat, lurking in the black waters, luring wayward sailors into the jagged rocks, splintering their ships and plundering their cargo for fine catnip from the Orient. And there are grim tales of the radiant mermaid with no maid attached. In her place? A feisty bitch, soliciting mariners for their galley treasures. And from the frosty tundra of the north comes the Rein-Dog and the Rein-Cat, said to travel the earth, spreading treats of songbird carcasses, gift wrapped in tinsel, and freshly sliced pigs ears to all the good dogs and cats. And there's our seahorse, Trigger. She'll steal your shrimp cocktail faster than you can say "bon appetit." They are joined by a couple of These Creatures™ mainstays: Pierre (who just won't put down the Gauloises) and Boris (that little rapsquirrellion) who seems to have developed a chip on his shoulder. These Creatures™ is pleased to bring you, well....these creatures, in all their shimmering, metallic glory!  Fabricated out of heavy gauge steel and powder coated for durability.


Mer-Dog: 3.5" h x 3" Mer-Cat: 3.5" h x 3" Rein-Dog: 3.5" h x 2.5" Rein-Cat: 2" h x 3.5" w4 oz Trigger: 4" h x 2" Boris: 2.5" h x 3.5" Pierre: 3.25" h x 3.25" 


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