The Gift Shop for the Thoughtful Procrastinator
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About Us

Open 10am to 7pm every day

621 N 35th St. Seattle, WA 98103
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Contact Info: (206) 547-5221

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Twitter: @portagebaygoods
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The gift shop for the thoughtful procrastinator! Irreverent, local, and awesome since 1998.

Do you spend months searching for the perfect gift? Are you smug and self-righteous? Then perhaps Portage Bay Goods isn't the store for you. We cater to those who need a fabulous gift in, like, five minutes. The kind of gift that says, "Look! I remembered!" rather than "Look what I picked up at the gas station!". And that's exactly what you'll find at PBG - an eclectic selection of cards and gifts alongside items lovingly crafted by local artists designed to make you look like the thoughtful, considerate person you really know you could be, if only you could leave your house on time.

We love Seattle's awesome local art scene - we feature a different artist each month for the Fremont Art Walk and host special shopping events for Fremont Third Thursday. Two great reasons to shop Fremont, as if you needed even one.

PBG is run by Sue (owner), Shalene (manager/buyer), Lauren (marketing/buyer), Jasmine, Veronica, Marlowe, and Katherine (sales associates). They are totally rad and like to drink wine.



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