30 Dirty Birdies Coloring Book

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Do you love beautiful birds AND have a juvenile sense of humor? Then this book is for you!

These gorgeous illustrations are printed on one side of the page so that you don't have to worry about markers or paints ruining the next illustration! Each page features a beautifully illustrated bird with its slightly pervy name. Try to say "tit berrypecker" with a straight face. We know you can't! How about the "dickcissel" or the "cock of the rock"? Were these birds named by ornithologists, or HORNI-thologists?

This book is the ultimate in stress relief as you combine coloring with off-color humor. Each page also features a joke that plays off the name of the bird. Wondering if this book is the right book for you or for your very lucky gift recipient? All of the jokes are PG-13 rather than R-rated.